Awards, Research Opportunities & Experiential Learning

Students in the Insect Science Minor are strongly encouraged to take their learning beyond the classroom by engaging in faculty advised research opportunities, participating in Department of Entomology sponsored events, or participating in an internship or volunteer activities.

Research Opportunities

Students in the Department of Entomology play various roles in assisting faculty and staff with ongoing research efforts.

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Internships and Job Opportunities



Robert C. Hodson Memorial Undergraduate Entomology Fund - This award recognizes outstanding undergraduate students in the Department of Entomology, who have demonstrated a keen interest in arthropod biology, via their research experience in the Department of Entomology and excellent academic performance.  Research experience can be demonstrated as co-authorship on publications, the presentation of research results at one or more scientific meetings, and/or a letter or recommendation confirming their lab/field research abilities by their primary advisor (faculty, staff or graduate student).  Students enrolled in the Entomology minor are encouraged to apply, but this is not a requirement of the award.

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