Cody Thorpe

Ph.D. Student

Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota
1980 Folwell Avenue, 219 Hodson Hall
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States


Bachelor's of Arts in Biology Cum laude. University of Minnesota Duluth


Why Insects?

Insects are invaluable research tools that serve as model systems for microbiology, molecular genetics, and evolutionary biology.

Why University of Minnesota?

Minnesota has always been my home. I felt the U of M would provide me with the essential resources and skills I would need in order to have a successful graduate career and succeed after I graduate. More importantly, I chose the U of M to perform research in the realm of molecular genetics, functional genomics, and microbiology under the direction of Dr. Amelia Lindsey.


I wish to further develop my skills as an independent research scientist to aid me in a career outside of academia.

Favorite Insect


Other Interests/Hobbies

I am an avid rabbit and music lover. I love spending time with my rabbit, Fuzzums, and attending rock/punk concerts. Most recently, I have begun learning guitar and novice woodworking.

Coffer or tea?

Hot chocolate with Baileys.

Areas of Interest

My research interests are broadly centered around using molecular genetic and microscopy methods to understand the interactions between symbiotic bacteria, other microbes, and their arthropod hosts. More specifically, I am interested in the bacterial endosymbiont Wolbachia not only for its general medical importance in disease vector control but also for its ubiquitous nature in insects and the many unexplored interactions and phenomenons displayed in its wide host range.