Julia Brokaw

Ph. D. Student

Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota
1980 Folwell Avenue, 219 Hodson Hall
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States

Dan Cariveau

B.S. in Natural Resources, Cornell University (2014)



Upper Black Eddy, PA

Why Insects?

They are incredibly fascinating and exist in diverse environments across the globe and I love learning about their life histories and strategies for survival.

Why University of Minnesota?

In Minnesota, about 99 percent of original prairie habitat has been converted to agriculture and development but a number of agencies and researchers in the state are collaborating to study and restore these habitats. I am excited about the enthusiasm for restoring habitat and the opportunity to put theory into practice and work with experts in the field of entomology, ecology and restoration.


Develop data-driven guidelines and solutions to protect the environment and our communities.

Favorite Insect

I love bees and especially enjoy learning about and studying solitary ground-nesting bees.

Other interests/hobbies

Playing ultimate frisbee, hanging out with dogs, hosting potlucks, dancing, making birthday cards and being outside.

Coffee or tea?


Areas of Interest

I am interested in how to establish and restore prairies for native plants and wild bees and the driving factors that make restoration successful at both local and landscape levels. Additionally, I am interested in connecting policy decision with prairie and pollinator conservation that help both people and the environment.