Sping and Ying-ngoh Lin Fellowship

We are excited to announce that the Sping and Ying-ngoh Lin Fellowship will be available for graduate students (MS/PhD) in the Entomology graduate program, for the academic year 2021-2022.

Purpose: The Sping and Ying-ngoh Lin Fellowship is open to graduate students in the Entomology Graduate Program currently studying and performing research in any area of entomology.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Full-time graduate students that have completed at least one semester, and have at least two semesters remaining in the Entomology Graduate Program

  2. Conducting research in any area of entomology

  3. In good academic standing

  4. With exceptional potential in their field

The Fellowship includes a stipend for the academic year 2021-2022 (summer not included), tuition for up to 14 thesis credits each semester (fall & spring), and subsidized health insurance through the Graduate Assistant Health Plan. Students may be eligible for funds from this fellowship for more than one year (see below for priorities for selection), as long as they are making demonstrable progress toward a degree and continue to meet the criteria above.

Application packages should include the following::

  • A cover letter detailing the applicant’s goals and interests in entomology, and how current and past experiences relate to the success of these goals (2 pages max).

  • Curriculum vitae, which should include: GPA, awards, fellowships received, oral and poster presentations for professional meetings; publications (limited to published or in-press submissions only and must provide complete citation), grants submitted and received, outreach and service at department, college, university levels or for professional society, or community service.

  • Letter of support (2 pages max) from the candidate’s PhD or Master’s advisor or other professional familiar with the applicant’s research and professional activities. 

Submission of applications

Eligible applicants in the Entomology Graduate Program should apply by 2:00 pm on Friday, May 14, 2021. Applicants should also request that the letter of support is sent to Tammi Pekkala Matthews at tpekkala@umn.edu by the same deadline. Please indicate in subject heading: Application for Sping and Ying-ngoh Lin Fellowship.

Submit Application

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be judged using the following criteria for a total of 75 points:

Academics, Research and Teaching (25 points)

  • GPA, Awards, Fellowships, and other honors (5)
  • Teaching experiences (TA, courses taught, co-taught, guest lectures) (5)
  • Oral and poster presentations (professional society, grower/extension, outreach/public) (5)
  • Grants submitted and received (5)
  • Papers (peer-reviewed, non-peer-reviewed) (5)

Service (10 points)

  • Service at department, college, university levels (5)
  • Professional society or community service (5)

Other Evidence (30 points)

  • Letters of Support (15)
  • Statement of applicant's interest and goals in entomology (15)

Overall Evaluation (10 points)

  • Overall achievements (balanced across all activities) (10)