Got Bees? Declines and Conservation of Honey bees and Native bees

Freshman Seminar

LE: Environment

Humans are largely aware that bees are declining globally, due in large part to human land use, agricultural practices, and the changing climate. The loss of insect pollinators, including native and honeybees, presents a grand challenge that will have cascading effects throughout ecological systems and human food crop systems. Preservation of pollination services is not only an environmental issue, it is also an important challenge facing our society and world. How we, as a society, choose to address this problem will reflect on how we value the environment and the services it provides. This course is designed to reflect on the shared sense of responsibility for building a community that will address this issue. Intended audience: Undergraduates who may or may not be majoring within the sciences. Students interested in how humans interact with the environment, and how the choices we make as a society impact environmental processes. No prerequisite courses required. 

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ENT 1909
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