Environmental Sciences: Integrated Problem Solving

Environmental issues facing the world today are increasingly complex. Challenges such as global climate change, air and water quality impairments, land use change for forest and agricultural production, and species conservation require an ability to conceptualize problems broadly so that solutions are crafted in a manner that addresses a multitude of perspectives and considerations. This course will use an interdisciplinary case-study approach to expose students to the most important environmental problems facing society today as well as innovative solutions. The case studies include investigations of ecosystem services, invasive species and pollution remediation, with world experts on these topics leading the discussions. Throughout, a focus on interdisciplinary analysis, including linkages to environmental grand challenges will be emphasized. An interactive approach will be utilized as well, in which students work in groups and engage in class discussions as ways to internalize and conceptualize information.

(course taught by entomology faculty)


prereq: 1011, ESPM major

Course ID
ESPM 2021
Semester Offered
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every year