Hodson Alumni Award

Dr. Alexander C. Hodson

The Hodson Graduate Alumni Award in the Department of Entomology, College of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences at the University of Minnesota was established in 1998 in memory of Dr. Alexander C. Hodson, Department Head from 1960-1974. This Award is intended to recognize and honor an outstanding alumna or alumnus of the Department of Entomology. The Award is presented annually during the Department’s Honors Day, which pays tribute to the achievements of students in the Entomology Graduate Program.

Dr. Hodson was born in Reading, Massachusetts and attended the University of Massachusetts (B.S. 1928). He then attended the University of Minnesota (M.A. 1931 and Ph.D. 1935). During the summer of 1930, he studied marine ecology at the University of Washington’s Puget Sound Biological Station, an experience that had a profound influence upon his later career. He studied and worked as a Teaching Assistant at the University of Minnesota, and later became an Instructor in the Departments of Zoology, and Entomology and Economic Zoology. Dr. Hodson moved through academic ranks to Professor and finally to Head of the Department in 1960. In 1962, he was instrumental in changing the Department’s name to Entomology, Fisheries, and Wildlife. In 1974, at the age of 68, he retired. Dr. Hodson passed away March 13, 1996 at the age of 89.

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Recent Recipient Seminars

Robert Suranyi, Ph.D (2023): "Entomology does not have an “I” in it"

Timothy J. Kurtti, Ph.D (2019): "An Inordinate Fondness for Cockroaches and Ticks” 

Christina DiFonzo, Ph.D (2018): "Bt shaming: the art of regulating Bt traits through public hazing"

Marc E. Epstein, Ph.D. (2017): "From Frenatae to below the fish tanks: How Hangin' Around Hodson Hall Helped My ENT Career @ SI & CFDA"

Complete list of Hodson Alumni Award Winners

Year Awardee Degree(s) Advisor(s)
2023 Robert Suranyi M.S. 1997
Ph.D. 2000
Ted Radcliffe, David Ragsdale
Ted Radcliffe, David Ragsdale
2019 Timothy J. Kurtti Ph.D 1974 Marion Brooks Wallace
2018 Christina DiFonzo M.S. 1993
Ph.D. 1995
D.W. Ragsdale, E.B. Radcliffe
D.W. Ragsdale, E.B. Radcliffe
2017 Dr. Marc E. Epstein M.S. 1982
Ph.D. 1988
H. M. Kulman
W. E. Miller
2015 Frank Shotkoski Ph.D. 1992 Ann Fallon
2014 Deborah McCullough Ph.D., 1990 Herb Kulman
2013 Eric Mussen M.S. 1969
Ph.D., 1975
H.C. Chiang, Basil Furgala
H.C. Chiang, Basil Furgala
2012 Abdelaziz "Aziz" Lagnaoui M.S,. 1990
Ph.D., 1991
Edward B. Radcliffe
Edward B. Radcliffe
2011 Dale Clayton M.S., 1983 Roger Price
2010 Bhadriraju “Subi” Subramanyam M.S., 1984
Laurence Cutkomp
Philip K. Harein
2009 Sujaya Rao Ph.D., 1991 Richard Jones
2008 John Witter Ph.D., 1971 Herb Kulman
2007 Whitney Cranshaw M.S., 1979
Ph.D., 1981
Edward B. Radcliffe
Edward B. Radcliffe
2006 Kyung Saeng Boo Ph.D., 1973 Edwin F. Cook
2005 Ronald Hellenthal Ph.D., 1977 Edwin F. Cook
2004 William J. Mattson Ph.D., 1972 Herbert Kulman
2003 K. C. Kim Ph.D., 1964 Edwin F. Cook
2002 Gerrit Cuperus Ph.D., 1982 Edward B. Radcliffe
2001 Frederick W. Stehr Ph.D., 1964 Edwin F. Cook
2000 H. C. Chiang Ph.D., 1948 Alexander C. Hodson
1999 Morris Rockstein Ph.D., 1948 Alexander C. Hodson
1998 Robert Pfadt Ph.D., 1948 Alexander C. Hodson