Isabell Dyrbye Wright

M.S. Student

Department of Entomology, University of Minnesota
1980 Folwell Avenue, 219 Hodson Hall
Saint Paul, MN 55108
United States

Marla Spivak

B.A. Biology and Environmental Studies: Macalester College



Rochester, MN

Why Insects?

I’ve been fascinated with bees for as long as I can remember. The more I learned and experiences I had while working with Dr. Spivak and colleagues in 2021, the more questions I had and the deeper my curiosity for bees became. I want to work to advance pollinator science because our pollinators are some of the most critical species to human and ecosystem survival.

Why University of Minnesota?

Working with the University of Minnesota Bee Lab solidified by desire to continue higher education at the U of MN under Dr. Spivak. My favorite thing about the U is the Bee Lab. The Bee Lab is an incredible work environment with great people, impressive research, and delicious honey.


In the future I want to collaborate with scientists abroad in Denmark, where I have conducted independent research in the summer of 2022, to further our understanding of diseases associated with Apis Mellifera. Non-academic aspirations include being able to do a handstand, climb 5.11s consistently, and replace my inner-tube on my mountain bike.

Favorite Insect

Teddy Bear Bee!

Other interests/hobbies

I love to rock climb, fly fish, mountain bike, weight train, and jump into lakes/rivers/oceans. I speak a little bit of Danish (I need to get better). I also am an EMT, so I work concerts, sports games, etc.

Coffee or tea?

I drink black coffee every morning.

Areas of Interest

Honey bees