Jay Delacy

Jay Delacy on a sandy hiking trail.
MS Student

1980 Folwell Ave, 219 Hodson Hall
Saint Paul, MN 55108
United States

Mary Rogers

B.S. in and Microbial Biology at the University of Minnesota with the Entomology Minor



 Oakdale, MN

Why Insects?

There is so much we can learn from insects, it’s hard not to find something to love about them. I became fascinated with insects over the course of taking my first entomology class and have been hooked ever since. Taking care of my own pet beetles has given me more appreciation for insects and how they live as well.

Why did you choose the University of Minnesota? 

I have had so many opportunities through the U of M to explore and discover various interests of mine. The U of M is the place I discovered my love for insects. My favorite thing about the UMN is definitely the amount of hands-on experience that I have gotten here.


 To make a contribution to insect conservation efforts after graduate school.

Favorite Insect 

I really love the genus Agapostemon.

Other interests/Hobbies 

Skiing, hiking, baking, video games


Areas of Interest

Biological control of spotted wing drosophila using Ganaspis brasiliensis