Sarah Cowan

caucasian woman, short brown hair, luna moth earrings, black shirt, cream sweater.
Graduate Program Coordinator
226 Hodson Hall

1980 Folwell Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55108
United States

Contact me for help with:

Questions about graduate processes, GPAS, graduate degree completion, entomology department policies and procedures regarding graduate programs, connection with campus resources, and any other graduate student support.

Office Hours

226 Hodson Hall: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-5pm
Remote: Wednesday, Friday 9-5pm


Sarah has her MA from the University of Minnesota and has worked in supporting students in higher education since 2019. She specializes in assisting with the parts of the degree that happen outside of the classroom or lab, so that graduate students can focus on their research goals. She lives with a snake (pet) and a human (partner).