Scholarships, Research Opportunities, and Awards

Students in the Insect Science Minor are strongly encouraged to take their learning beyond the classroom by engaging in faculty advised research opportunities, participating in Department of Entomology sponsored events, or participating in an internship or volunteer activities.


Insect Science Pathways Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial support to undergraduates at the University of Minnesota. Eligible students will be full time students, enrolled in the Insect Science Minor, with freshman, sophomore or junior status. Preference will be given to students who will enhance the diversity of the student body as described by the University. Scholarships are offered during the Spring and Fall semesters.

Click here for more information on how to apply.

Research Opportunities

The College of Food, Agricultural, and Natural Resources (CFANS) offers several opportunities for student driven research with the assistance of a faculty advisor. The Department of Entomology offers the following options for engaging in research

Directed Research/Directed Study (ENT 3294)

You earn credit by working in a lab or field setting under a faculty member’s guidance. Registering for ENT 3294 allows you to design and carry out a directed research project under the direction of a faculty member. Directed research may be taken for variable credit and special permission is needed for enrollment. To sign up for directed research you should:

  1. Talk to a department faculty member or the Insect Science Minor Advisor about the details of your directed research/study project and how it will be structured. The faculty member or advisor  will help you in the development of your research project.
  2. Fill out the Directed Activity Contract. To fill out the contract, you will need:
    • Instructor’s UMN Internet ID (the first part of their email)
    • Year and term of the project
    • Course subject & number (ENT 3294)
    • Number of credits
    • Grading basis (A-F, S/N)
    • The title and description of your project
    • A description of your project and it’s methods, resources, and strategies you will use
  3. After filling out your contract you will receive a registration number that will allow you to sign up for course credit.

UROP: Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The U of M's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides a stipend to undergraduates for special research, scholarly, or creative projects done with a faculty member. You must apply and be accepted into the UROP program. To apply, you should first contact an Entomology faculty member about serving as an advisor for your project. Then you'll develop your own research proposal, usually in partnership with the faculty member. A checklist on the procedure can be found here. Applications are accepted twice a year. They're judged on the quality of the proposed project, and on the educational benefit to the student.

CFANS Research Apprenticeship Program

The Research Apprenticeship Program is a 2-year program. It provides an early opportunity for students to develop their interests in formal research through faculty mentorship. This is supported by an action-oriented programmatic model encompassing the research experience from beginning to end. This Research Apprenticeship experience is meant to stimulate minds, broaden perspectives, expand intellectual and social networking, and strengthen connections in the University and global community. More information on the program can be found here.


Robert C. Hodson Memorial Undergraduate Entomology Award

This award recognizes outstanding undergraduate students at the University of Minnesota, who have demonstrated a keen interest in arthropod biology, via their research experience in the Department of Entomology and excellent academic performance.  Research experience can be demonstrated as co-authorship on publications, the presentation of research results at one or more scientific meetings, and/or a letter or recommendation confirming their lab/field research abilities by their primary advisor (faculty, staff or graduate student).  Students enrolled in the Insect Science Minor are encouraged to apply, but this is not a requirement of the award. Awards are offered during the Spring semester. Click here for more information on how to apply.

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